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Wendy Has Completed Her Charity Walk

Congratulations to Wendy, our Office Manager, who has now completed her Charity Walk along 'The Gloucestershire Way' from Chepstow to Tewskesbury. They were unable to complete the very last section as the way was flooded. We take our hats off to Wendy and Sam for their determination - their walk has included 9,984 feet ascending, with the highest point being 988 feet above sea level.


Day 1 - started at 08:00 I June from Tintern and Wendy commented  that the route had included lots of brambles and boggy sections. She was hoping for better conditions on the rest of the walk!


Day 2 - Route very overgrown with bad signage but Wendy said she would keep going as it was for a good cause!!


Day 3 - From The Apple Tree at Minsterworth - weather was cold and very wet.


Day 4 - Cold and very very wet


Day 5 - warm and sunny - hooray


The walk was undertaken to raise funds for Milestone School in Gloucester; a Special School catering for 300 pupils aged between 2 and 16 years. You may recall that in recent years she has walked 'The Cotswold Way' and run our local Half Marathon, both for charity.


If you would like to support Wendy in this worthy cause please make a donation online or send a cheque to the office at the usual address.


Wendy will really appreciate your support.

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